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New York Concert Review

"Soprano Deborah Lifton was the final performer for the evening. She offered three works. Try Me,Good King, from Anne Boleyn by Libby Larsen, was an impressive display of power, and her negotiation of the extreme upper register was flawless. Joaquin Rodrigo’s ¿Con qué la lavaré?, from Cuatros Madrigales Amatorios, was heartbreaking. Richard Strauss’ Muttertändelei, Op. 43, No. 2 was a pleasing finish, with Ms. Lifton capturing the essence of the mother who can’t stop bragging about her child. It was a delightful performance"
 - Jeffrey Williams



"Through the fine voices of [Deborah] Lifton and Jesse Blumberg, the “story” became operatic, Lifton’s warm voice clear and assured."

National Sawdust
Brooklyn NY 2016


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New York Concert Review

"Ms. Lifton possesses a lovely lyric soprano voice, and her attractive sound is evenly produced throughout her registers. Her high notes were thrilling, her diction clear, and her concentration never waivered as she skillfully conveyed the meaning of each song. She is a fine singing actress whose expressivity always seemed to come from within."

 - Harry Salzman


"Deborah Lifton sang well and looked ravishing..."

 - Whitney Scott

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"Ms. Lifton shines up to a high C#"


NYC Onstage

"Ms. Lifton shines in this piece as Lady Magnesia"


Opera Magazine

"Lifton, as the Child, was marvelously temperamental and vivid in her vocal reflections."

 - John Allison


Libby Larsen, composer

"WOW!" "Your performance is a complete stunner!" I'm left breathless-"


Ann Arbor News

"Lifton never hit a wrong note, musically or theatrically. If the entire rest of the production were to collapse, Lifton's assured soprano voice and spunky charm would bail things out anyway. She's that good."

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